Thanks for visiting my webpage. If you are curious about the title of my book, I chose it because I went through a lot of water, a little fire, and a whole lot of gunfire in Vietnam. I believe that God was with me through it all. Read on and see what you think!

On station in a narrow canal just yards from the Cambodian border, their fifty- foot patrol boat comes under enemy attack and receives a damaging direct rocket hit.

Back in New Jersey, a sleeping pastor wakes and senses that Hunt, one of the young men under attack, is in grave danger, and the pastor begins to pray for him. Consequently, the fire is extinguished, a wounded man is medivacked, the five remaining crew men guide their flooding boat on a slow and treacherous night journey down river to their forward base in South Vietnam. They arrive four hours after the attack occurred.

After four hours of prayer,the pastor back home has a sense of calm and returns to bed. Years later the author would have to grapple with the reality of this puzzling "coincidence". What did it mean? Did God care about him enough to wake a pastor thousands of miles away to pray for his safety? What would be the point of God doing it that way? Does God sometimes let us go Through the Water and the Fire and use mysterious "coincidences" to reveal His love for those of us that are harder to reach? This is Charles Hunt's true story.

Based on his letters and pictures sent home from Vietnam, Charles Hunt allows the reader a glance through a window into the mind, heart, and emotions of a combat sailor as well as glimpse his reflections as a retired veteran decades later. Between the pages of his book, he heralds the value of freedom, reveals the cost of freedom, and shares his laments when sacrifice is wasted.