Here's what others have had to say about "Through the Water and the Fire"

"I couldn't put this book down, the author takes you with him on an intense, white knuckle ride into a combat zone. The letters home punctuate the story. A memorable work, thank you." -Bradley Grois

"Awesome! So vivid and real I felt like I was there - terrific read! Thanks for your service." -Tara Blaisdell

"As the skipper of PCF 37 and 692 during 1970, we patrolled quite a bit with the boats that Charlie was on. His book is a terrific read and lets the reader know the ups, downs, twists and turns of a 1-year tour of duty on a Swift Boat patrolling the canals and rivers of the Mekong Delta. His ability to convey his thoughts and impressions as well as deadly accurate descriptions of his time on the boats gives the reader a first hand experience at being a 20-year old sailor immersed in jungle combat. Well done, Charlie !!! You've written a terrific book. Thank you." -John Yeoman

"Really enjoyed the book. A true story, that brings you right along side him, through it all. I could feel my heart beat, racing as I read what they went through. And the hunger to get home safe... A must read book for anyone who wants to know what Vietnam was about!" -Amazon customer

"Once you begin reading, you will find a gripping reality of war from the author's experience.  It is so difficult to put down once you begin." Wm Tilley

"Charles Hunt has written an important and powerful memoir of his time in Vietnam.  Many Vietnam Veterans stories have not been told due to the treatment they faced when they came home, so it is incredibly important to now capture and understand of these fine men and reflect on their time there.  I ... was particularly struck by Charles' refreshing honesty throughout the book, and his willingness to share with us his personal letters that were written back home to his family during this time.  I highly recommend this book."   by Fender

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